Unsupported Browser

It appears that you are using a browser or version of a browser that we do not support. While you can look at the content of our website using an unsupported browser (even though we don’t suggest it), we require that you use a supported browser in order to fill out an application, access your online account, or complete any forms such as the rate quotes. This is to ensure the accuracy of the delivery and receipt of the data being entered.

A web browser is a software application used to retrieve, present, and interact with the World Wide Web. There are many types of browser software available. Each company developing browsers also updates the software, or puts out new versions periodically. We continually update our website so that it works best with newer versions of “standard” browsers including:

This means that in order to use our website for the purposes that it was created; you will need to use one of the versions of the browsers listed above. The good news is that you can download these browsers; either new versions or update current versions for free (using the links above) as long as your computer can support that software.

Not sure which version of a browser you are using?


Click on Help in your browser's top menu bar.

Scroll down to the link that says About and the Browser Name (i.e. About Chrome)

The version you are using should be listed.

Macintosh OS 9

With the browser open click on the Apple Menu.

Click on About Internet Explorer.

The version you are using should be listed.

Macintosh OS X:

With the browser open, click on Safari or Explorer on the top left corner.

Scroll down to About Safari or About Explorer or About Mozilla Firefox or About Google Chrome.

The line under the title of the browser contains the browser version. If you are using Safari, the build version is in parenthesis next to the version number.