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Active Lifestyle?
We've Got You Covered.

Being a healthcare professional, you know better than most that accidents happen. And particularly to those that are active, like you, and your family.

Kids and adults — young and old — get injured playing sports and participating in recreational activities. You see the teeth that get knocked out or broken, and that's just the tip of the injury iceberg!

Some of those costs will be covered by medical insurance, and some will not. Given rising medical deductibles and high out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., deductibles, co-pays, transportation, lodging, childcare, out-of-network costs) a Hospital Indemnity insurance plan could help fill the gaps. The ADA Hospital Indemnity insurance plan offers up to $1,000 a day in benefits, paid to you in cash – not to the hospital**, not to treating physicians or other medical professionals. You can spend your benefits as you see fit.

Get the whole family covered — you, your spouse/partner and your children.

  • Hospitalizations for pregnancy, delivery and miscarriages.
  • Benefits are paid for emergency room visits, outpatient surgery, or cancer treatments.
  • Coverage is guaranteed acceptance — that means approval is guaranteed4.

Because you're part of the ADA, you can take advantage of its buying power and get great coverage with highly competitive rates. Choosing the right combination of benefits can be time-consuming and confusing at times. We can help make it easy.

Hospital Indemnity coverage can be a practical and smart choice to help protect you and your family against unexpected hospital costs, whether they be in the ER, or for qualifying outpatient treatments or cancer treatments.*

ADA Hospital Indemnity Insurance

*Benefits may vary by state. Certain restrictions may apply. Please review your certificate for details.
**Unless the insured assigns benefits to the facility
3Premiums are effective as of 4/1/2023 and include a 45% Premium Credit discount that shares favorable financial results with Plan participants; discount is not guaranteed but reevaluated periodically. The Extended Care Rider provides a daily benefit for up to 200 days. At age 70, Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan coverage maximum is $200 per day for all participants.
4Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan claims are not payable for any confinement or treatment resulting from a condition for which the insured received any medical treatment, care, advice, or medication within 12 consecutive months before the effective date of this insurance and applicable to any insurance increases.

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