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Active, Healthy and At The Early Stages Of Your Dental Career?

There’s No Better Time to Buy Life Insurance!

Time: It flies by. Days, months, years gone before you know it

Careers: New job, expanding responsibilities, growing income

Family: Marriage, children, aging parents

Stuff: Houses, cars, student loans, vacations, financial planning

This is “life” and, as a busy dental professional, it can easily take over and distract you from what is most important — ensuring those you have invited into your life are protected. It’s really about the people we have committed to protecting — a spouse, partner, children, aging parents. It’s only human nature to want to ensure those we love are cared for, get what they need and have an opportunity to get what they want.

Planning for Consequences

If you are like most, protecting what is important means having plans — a plan for paying off student loans, a financial plan, a rainy-day fund. Your plan may also include “eating right” and exercising.

It’s all appropriate and absolutely the best any of us can do. But the fact is, while we can work hard to mitigate risk, we can’t eliminate it. It’s just not possible. What we can do, however, is reduce the consequences to loved ones should something unexpected happen — like premature death.

One of the ways to manage the consequences is by having adequate life insurance. It’s important protection that nearly everyone needs, but far too few people have, or have enough of.

When you are young and healthy, it can be easy to put off purchasing coverage. But that is exactly the time to get it done — when you can qualify for as much coverage as you need, and at the best possible rate. If buying life insurance has been on your to-do list for a while, we can help.

We Make it Easy and Affordable

ADA® Members Insurance Plans underwritten by Protective® are practical by design and only available to ADA Members. We offer ADA Term Life Insurance coverage at very competitive rates. You can apply for up to $3,000,000 in coverage plus up to an additional $1,000,000 of Accidental Death coverage. It also includes neonatal coverage of $15,000 for dependent children from birth through age 14 days.

Now is the time!