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A Claims Process Tailored Just for You

Get a personalized, straightforward claims experience with professionals who work exclusively with ADA members.

Experience and one-on-one relationships are just two of the ways that Protective provides an insurance claims process that's focused on your needs as an ADA member and on the needs of your family.

Protecting yourself and your dental practice with appropriate insurance helps ensure that unexpected events won't put your business — or your family — in financial jeopardy. But you also want to feel confident that the insurance benefits you've paid for will be there when you need them. If you've never made a claim, you may wonder how difficult the process is and how long approval takes. Protective understands these concerns, which is why the claims process is simple and straightforward. Through our longstanding relationship with the ADA, we've tailored the claims process to suit you — ADA member dentists and dental students — first. Here are three advantages of the Protective claims process.

Advantage 1: Strong relationships and an ADA member-focused professional

Our claims division works exclusively with ADA members, so Protective claims professionals have a long history and deep familiarity with members' claims. That expertise enables claims professionals to focus attention on you and your claim. When you have a claim, you typically work with one claims professional from the beginning to the end of the claims process. The claims professional acts as your guide, helping you through what can be a difficult time for you and your family.

Advantage 2: A depth and breadth of knowledge

Because Protective has worked so long and so extensively with dentists and dental students, we understand the health risks you face — risks that might lead to insurance claims, including neck and back injuries, degenerative disc disease, nervous system diseases, and arthritis. Starting the claims process with a thorough understanding of the occupational demands of dentistry allows our professionals to quickly review your forms and requirements. This may lead to faster resolution on your claim, benefiting you — the ADA member — and your family.

Advantage 3: A focus on validating claims, for the good of all members

The primary objective of our claims process is to determine the validity of the claim as promptly as we can to help ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve in a timely manner. Confirming the validity of claims also helps protect all ADA members, even those who never need their benefits. Our focus on legitimate claims means that plan participants aren't burdened with higher premium costs driven by payments on unnecessary claims.

A claims process that works exclusively for you

With ADA Members Insurance Plans from Protective, you can take comfort knowing that should you ever need your benefits in the future, we offer a personalized, straightforward claims experience with professionals who work exclusively with ADA members. If you need to submit a claim, you can easily download claim forms and find clear instructions for completing and submitting your claim so you can begin the process quickly.