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7 Ways an Insurance Plan Specialist Can Help

Rely on experts who help dental students and new dentists make crucial insurance choices.

As a benefit of your ADA student membership, you have access to experts who can help dental students and new dentists make important insurance decisions.

1. Trusted source of information

Your salary based Insurance Plan Specialist only works with dentists, so you can count on them for experienced guidance to help you choose the right coverage throughout dental school and into your career.

2. Explain coverage options

Make use of an expert who can help you determine your disability, life and other insurance needs at each stage in your career. From explaining the types and amount of coverage you might need to helping you understand riders and features, your personal Insurance Plan Specialist can assist you with determining current and future insurance needs.

3. Provide application support

Insurance Plan Specialists can give you tips to help ensure that your ADA® Members Insurance Plans application and underwriting process goes smoothly and that your documents are submitted error free.

4. Easy to reach

Being able to reach out by email or phone to ask questions or get a quote saves time.

5. Speak jargon-free insurance language

As ADA student members, if you need help comparing coverage among providers, ask your Insurance Plan Specialist to break it down into non insurance language

6. Answer questions about conversion from student insurance to insurance for practicing dentists

Learn about making the shift from the ADA student members disability and life insurance plans you had while in school to the more comprehensive insurance you'll need as a practicing dentist. They will help you make the right decisions, depending on your postgraduate career path.

7. Assess your current coverage

Any time you reach a major milestone like getting married, having children, opening a new practice, or earning more income, it s a good idea to reevaluate and calculate your coverage needs with your Insurance Plan Specialist to ensure you have the financial protection you need.

Questions? Get in touch with your Insurance Plan Specialist at 866-607-5338 for assistance (weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time) or Email ADAPlanSpecialist@protective.com.